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• Weekly Meal Service
• Monthly Meal Service
• Service for Individuals and Families
• Custom Menus
• Special Needs – No Problem

   Lean & Clean
   Vegan | Raw | Gluten Free
   Engine 2 Program
   HCG Program
   Tube Feeders

• GMO Free
• Most weight loss programs
• Budget Menus Available
• Help with Holiday Dinners
• Gift Certificates

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Catering Services


• Intimate dinners for 2 or more
• Wedding
• Bridal Shower
• Baby Shower
• Luncheon
• Tea Party
• Dessert Bar
• Themed Parties
• Banquet
• Corporate


Treat a loved one to a truly delicious gift!


Gift certificates are available the next time you are trying to find that perfect gift for your occasions such as:

•  Expecting or New Parents
•  Housewarming Party
•  Welcome Home
•  Get Well
•  Busy Moms, Dads, Children, Singles, Couples, Executives, Employees, Bosses....
•  Bridal/Baby Showers
•  Wedding/Anniversary Gift
• Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any holiday!
•  Birthday!
•  Friends who have everything
•  Or just to say that you care

Everyone deserves some pampering!

I plan the menu, shop, come to the home, bring all cooking utensils except the stove, cook and clean up the kitchen. The service has restaurant taste, home cooked goodness, and exciting menus more varied than most will cook for themselves.   I will prepare 5 entrees, including side dishes, 4 servings of each. The food is conveniently stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, whichever the family prefers. All that is left behind is the wonderful aroma of a day of cooking! Want to really surprise them? Let me cook it at your house and you can bring it the next day!

Chef Aleta, your “What’s for dinner solution?”

Helping busy people to get a healthy dinner on the table come home from’re tired and hungry...

And in just a few minutes you are enjoying a delicious, nutritious healthful dinner. The best part is, you didn’t have to shop, cook or clean up! It was all done by your very own personal chef!

Chef Aleta, Personal Chef Service, is a unique service providing you affordable meals that are customized and prepared just for you in your home.

Save Time...there is no planning, shopping, cooking, or cleaning up! It’s all done by your Personal Chef--extra time in your busy schedule

Eat Healthy... the freshest and best ingredients are always used an never any preservatives--a great value!!

Dinner at Home...Back to the basics, your family can enjoy a meal with quality time at the dinner table--priceless.

The first time you meet with Chef Aleta, she will go through an eight page food questionnaire with you so she can get to know all of your personal preferences. Your menus will be based on that information. Let Chef Aleta help you to eat well and live well.


Chef Aleta is a certified personal chef from the United States Personal Chef Association and caterer. She is also ServSafe certified.

She has been serving the Las Vegas / Henderson area for over ten years. Her cooking style is lean and clean with an emphasis on using organic and gmo free ingredients. If you are wanting the convenience of eating healthier with menus based on your nutritional needs then let Chef Aleta do your grocery shopping and meal preparation.

She can help you get dinner on the table a few nights a week or she can plan and prepare all your meals for the day. It just depends on what your needs are. Let Chef Aleta help you to eat well and live well.
TESTIMONIAL by Edward Erganian
I have enjoyed the personal chef service of Aleta Anderson for a while.  It has been great getting fresh, healthy and delicious meals when it’s convenient for me.  Aleta is a pleasure to work with and has been very accommodating.  As a business owner, this allows me to focus on my business, but still get quality food.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

TESTIMONIAL by Nalani Kele

"Aleta Anderson has been our personal chef since 11/19/04.  Ours is a unique situation because my husband, Jesse Jones, due to throat cancer, has a permanent gastrostomy tube and is tube fed directly into his stomach.  The recipes we created for him are liquified (over 100 to date) to pass thru a tube, and, in my opinion he is the best fed person I know .... he has all the vegetables, fruits, grains, protein (fish, chicken, turkey, tofu, etc.), the "good oils" like olive and avocado & nuts, no sugars, no caffeine, no processed foods, and on and on.  As a result, it takes a very special person who can carefully prepare his food so that the utmost sanitary measures are taken at all times. That person is Aleta, who not only is the most capable chef, but who is the most organized, cooperative person we know.  Her cheerful attitude makes the situation we deal with 100% easier than it might be under other circumstances.  There has never been a request made of her that she doesn't reply in her sweet manner, "You've got it!!!"In addition, I might add that she also cooks for me.  We very closely follow the guidelines of healthful eating, like Jesse.  But I confess that occasionally we treat me to some cheese, and some other things not recommended for optimum health ..... but not too often.  She continues  to create new gourmet recipes for me, and has over 6 years become quite a gourmet chef ... so you needn't fear that you would be getting tofu and vegetables for dinner.  All in all, we are blessed."

"I'm a divorced man with NO cooking skills & I would be in deep trouble if I hadn't discovered the Private Chef's profession a few years ago.  Chef Aleta has been the Chef whose cooking skills have served me well since 2005!  Business dictated my temporary relocation to Texas (from NV) over 1 1/2 years ago.  I value the convenience & tastes of Chef Aleta's meals so much that I happily pay her fee for professional Private Chef services and reimburse her round-trip airfare so she can fill my freezer with great meals 3-4 times each year.  I'm very happy I discovered Chef Aleta and her cooking abilities!"
TESTIMONIAL by Bart Clouston & Alisa McAffee
"Bart and I hired Aleta to cater our wedding luncheon.  We are so glad we did so!  Not only did she create the perfect menu with us, but she also made the presentation beautiful.  The peanut butter & jelly sandwiches we had requested for the kids were a huge it with everyone as they were cut into hearts.  She certainly made our day easy, delicious, and beautiful.  I highly recommend working with Aleta."
TESTIMONIAL - Edwige Bingue

"From the moment I met Chef Aleta I knew that I was in good hands! The entire process was easy, from choosing all of my food preferences to how I like things prepared for my particular dietary needs. Even my husband, a picky eater enjoyed her food!"
TESTIMONIAL by Jesse Jones

"I have very specific dietary needs as a tubefeeder.  All of my meals are made mostly from fresh fruits and vegetables and blended in order to be put through a tube for feeding.  I found Chef Aleta through her website and from day one she has been entirely supportive of my dietary needs.  She prepares four meals daily for me in my home and buys fresh ingredients every day.  She is detailed oriented and plans well in advance.  She leaves our kitchen as spotless as when she found it.  She fully cooperates with any special requests like adding supplements or using a particular brand.  She transitioned easily when we switched to entirely organic produce and products.  She will do whatever is needed to get the job done.  And she prepares my wife's dinner each day as well.  Thank goodness for Chef Aleta."